Monday, May 9, 2011

Updates from Teams Thailand, El Salvador and India

Hey Dawna and Gilad,

We're with Dr. Dave now. We're in Chiang Rai now and preparing to leave tonight to stay with the Hill tribes. We'll be gone for a week and will update you when we go back.

Hopefully everything is going well,
Paul (Team Thailand)

Hello family and friends of Team El Salvador,

Just wanted to let you know we are having an incredible time!

We are in La Mora until Monday. Our community is having dinner party for us tonight and another dance party tomorrow. We have been taking Spanish lessons, painting at the community house, building beams for homes and playing with the children. We did our horseback tour of Cerro Guazapa yesterday and we have our Spanish lessons near the river today. Tomorrow we will be building bricks around the garden, cleaning garbage around the community and will finish painting outside. Our families include us in cooking and cleaning, allowing us to fully embrace the culture and way of life in El Salvador. It will be sad to leave this community, we are feeling very attached to our families as we get to know them more and more.

No one has been sick so far and everyone is looking our for each other. What a wonderful team, I couldnt be more pleased with the positive attitudes they have.

We miss you and think of you often. Love from El Salvador,

Ashley, Shawna, Shaun, Rodrigo, Lindsay, Ally, Erica, Mandie, Riley, Nilsa, Leanne and Lesley

 Hi Gilad and Dawna,

Just wanted to let you guys know that we arrived in Lunglei safe and sound. Hope everything is well with you and the other teams.

(Trista, Amy, Joanna)

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