Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A few more teams have made it to their destinations!

Hi Parents, 

This is James and Milou, co-leaders of your childs Peru trip! Just a quick note here that we have arrived safe and sound, and everybody is loving Peru already! 

Internet and phone access is limited here, so please do not be worried if you only receive an email once a week. We are taking good care of them! 

Today we will be embarking on our journey and everybody is really excited for it!! We are so happy to have each and every one of them on our team, and we look forward to an amazing experience ahead!!

Take care. 
James and Milou 

Hi Dawna and Gilad!
 We are in La Paz for the day surrounded by mountains and clouds! Tomorrow we leave for the the long ride to the amazon, so we´ll be in touch with you again once we arrive there. We´re expecting to arrive there in the early morning on May 5th. Our team is doing great, just getting used to the altitude. I hope you and all other teams are doing great!
 Alison Hayley Robert (Team Bolivia)

Hi Gilad and Dawna!

We have arrived safely and are now at the Lucky Star Hotel. I am about to start the phone tree/email tree so everyone's parents should be informed shortly.

Thanks again for everything this weekend!
-Zoe (Team Cambodia)

Also, we've been informed that Team Morocco has arrived safely in Agadir and will spending the night there before they head out for Tata tomorrow!

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