Monday, May 23, 2011

Peru, Morocco and Manaus!

Hello parents!

Another little hello from team Peru! We have arrived safe and sound in the city of Cuzco and will be staying here until next Sunday. Unfortunately, after today we will not have anymore access to phones or internet until our return to Lima on Monday evening. Everyone on the team is doing great, and we`re all looking forward to our last adventure here!

Milou and James (Co-Leaders)

Hey Dawna and Gilad,
We completed work at our fifth school today to bring our total number of classes painted up to 12. Hilali has been taking care of business. We have been in contact with Majid about debrief, so everything is looking good as our time here winds down. Hope you are both well, talk to you soon.
Kevin (Team Morocco)

Hello Global,
Team Manaus is doing well. We have survived the depth of the Amazon and are heading back to Venezula on Thursday. Stopping over in Boa Vista, and then staying two nights in Porta La Cruz for debrief, then to Caracas for our last night of the trip-- and then home sweet home.
Expect an email when we arrive to Ven.

p.s we love you
Vicky & Dawn (Team Manaus)

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