Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some final updates...Cambodia, Manaus, Morocco, Thailand and India!

Hey guys, we've arrived in Siem Reap. Everyone is safe and sound and feeling better. We'll update you when we're back in the capital on Monday. Thanks for everything.

-Zoe (Team Cambodia)

We made it safe and sound to Boa Vista, next stop Porta la Cruz Venezeula. We head out from here tomorrow morning at 7am, expect a full 24 hours on the bus, so we will update when possible!

Hope things are well up North,
Love, Team Manaus

Hey Gilad and Dawna,

Another little update for you. All is well here in Tata. We are headed to Agadir early tomorrow morning with Hilali and have a hotel lined up courtesy of Amal and Majid. Everyone is healthy and happy, even after many tearful goodbyes in Tagmout this morning. A quick stop in Casablanca on our way home is all in order as well. See you in Toronto!

Kevin (Team Morocco)

Hey Dawna and Gilad,

We're leaving for a day to visit a Karin village, and then heading to Ko Samet the night of the 28th as planned. Everything is going well at this point.

Paul (Team Thailand)

Also, Team India is now in Calcutta!

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