Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Global Team Program Participants are Arriving Safely...

Hola family and friends of Team El Salvador!

We have arrived safe and sound :) No problems at the airport! We are on our way to La Mora, about half way there!  We have had an exciting truck ride and have seen the beautiful landscape of El Salvador so far. It is without a doubt that everyone smiles in the same language despite the language barrier. Nilsa has done a wonderful job at translating for us.

Our team had a very positive experience at orientation and enjoyed every aspect of it. We are excited for what lies ahead :) Spanish lessons, painting in the community, playing with the children and much more for this week.

We all miss and love you very much! Until next time,

Ashley, Shawna, Shaun, Nilsa, Riley, Leanne, Lesley, Erica, Lindsay, Mandie, Rodrigo and Ally

Team El Salvador
Global Youth Network - Ottawa

Team Guatemala has arrived in Guatemala City Safely

We arrived safetly! Not all of our luggage has made it yet (missing 5 packs). But its all been tracked and we will pick them up this evening.

Looking forward to a great month! We'll be in touch :)

Colleen & Lana & Natalie & Elissa


We madeit safely to Granada and are at our hostel for the night before travelling to Ometepe tomorrow. The trip was very smooth, no problems at all. We are all pretty hungry so its time for lunch. I will email the parents to let them know we are here safe. Hope you are getting a good rest after the weekend. Thank you so much for all your hard work to make this happen for us!

Lisa / Team Nicaragua

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