Friday, October 7, 2011

Engaging the World!

Hi Everyone,

    I would like to invite all of you to join us this Thursday, October 13th at the 1st Engaging the World session at U of T's Multi-Faith Centre at 12pm!
    This one hour session will be exploring how faiths are engaging the world, including how students are making a difference. The topic for discussion focuses on Overseas Programs and Opportunities. Father Terry and the Scarboro Interfaith Department are hosting this session in collaboration with U of T's Multi Faith Centre.

    Mateen will be our Global representative during the panel discussion. We would love to have other Global Alumni present at this event to meet with some of the attendees after the panel discussion and perhaps share some of your personal experiences with Global.
    If you are interested in attending this event, here is the address for the venue: U of T Multi-faith Centre, 569 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5S 2J7 or visit their website: For information, the poster for this event is attached to this email.

    We hope to see you all there! Please extend this invitation out to other Global Alumni and your friends!

    Thank you and hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Weekend!

Christine Suiza and Peggy Hulley
Global Team Program Co-coordinators for Southwestern Ontario

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