Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're Hiring!

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Closing Date: Monday, August 15, 2011
Contact: Dave Skene, Executive Team Member
(m): 250 516-6210

National Team Coordinator (10 hours/week)
The National Team Coordinator will be responsible to the Board of Directors for the following:

Working with a diverse national team, with programs established in South Western Ontario, Ottawa Region, Montreal, Alberta and BC. The team is diverse in activity, working with university and high school volunteer projects an adult volunteer program as well as First Nations programs.

- Your priority would be to create a healthy, team focused working environment for the staff and volunteers of Global Youth Network.
- You would be responsible for continuing to build and maintain the philosophy of Global Youth Network with the staff and volunteers. 
- You would create and work with an educational team to manage education, training and resources for Global Programs.
- You would develop and work with a financial team responsible for the financial health of the organization.
- You would coordinate the response to project problems, emergencies and crisis situations.

National Operations Manager (30 hours/week)
This position will be accountable to the National Coordinator for the organizations financial health and fund raising, with some office administration duties.

Must have exceptional program management and organizational skills. You will work with the organizations staff as a team  to create regional budgets, and balance those budgets. You will also be in charge of developing and chairing a fundraising team made up of board staff and volunteers. Fundraising for the organization both national and locally. As well as develop and chair communications team responsible for all Global's Communication Media (web page, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, public engagement). 

Southern Ontario Project & Volunteer Team Manager (30 hours/week)
The candidate for this position will be responsible to the National Coordinator and to the National Operations Manager for all aspects of the management, promotion, development and evaluation of Global Youth Networks programs in Southern Ontario.

- Develop and manage teams of volunteers in region
- Build and maintain strong relationships with new and existing Southern Ontario partners. 
- Work with International team to build and maintain strong relationships with international partners. 
- Collaborate with international team partners on program development
- Work with other regions and National team to creating a budget for the region
- Perform general duties related to the administration of Programs 
- You will be responsible to the National Operational Manager for all accounting procedures related to the region
- Oversee and Mentor Volunteer of Southern Ontario Programs   

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