Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hey! You! You’re invited to… Modesto, California!

Hey! You!

You’re invited to… Modesto, California!

Why? For Leadership Training!
When? February 18-27, 2010
With Whom? Global Youth Network and Youth With a Mission Modesto
How Much? $950.00 (Fundraisable)
Who’s eligible? Anyone on a leadership team.
Who’s it mandatory for? Individuals who went from being a member one year to a leader or co-leader the next.

If interested, please RSVP with Gilad or Dawna at See below for more info!

What is Youth With A Mission Modesto all about?
Friendship! They make friends, do what friendship requests and go where friendship leads. They partner with the poor, churches, community organizations, youth groups and a couple of international organizations to work together to make the city and world a better place.

You can read more about YWAM Modesto at:

How will training take place?
From Chris at YWAM Modesto:
Classically, our Global intern week has really been a lot of just hanging out together. We work together to create safe places for our friends on the street to hang out, get some food and have a listening ear. We provide activities for participants to engage with the homeless, build friendship and go where that takes us in the week. We spend positive time with some kids we have worked with for years now. We do not focus on task, we focus on relationships and go where they naturally lead. In short, the Global team is WITH us for a week! We also usually go to San Francisco and the ocean for a day of fun.

How will this training will help in future roles?
Global Youth Network is all about relationships; the change they can make in us and the people we are serving. Global's vision is not about the world of privilege bending down to help the poor. Global is about building friendship and letting that be the catalyst that changes all of us. This is what we are about. In the Global Modesto week, we work to find our way in relationship together. It's a great crash course in team building and extending the fellowship of the team to reach out to others.

Here's a link to some pics from the last Global team:


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